November is a month to show gratitude, and we’d like to take this time to thank all the awesome people below for volunteering with us at our special events and on-course classes at our 5 locations. You may recognize some of the names below, and others might not seem familiar, but all these individuals have volunteered their time, effort, knowledge and passion to make a difference in a young golfer’s life and helping our chapter continue to create good golfers and better people.

To all our Volunteers! Thank you so much for your help, our program would not be as impactful without your dedication, we are very grateful to have all of you in our First Tee Family!


Larry Aguilar Izzy O’Brien
Angel Antonio Jim Henderson Christine O’Brien
Alexander Arcaya Alexis Henderson Celestina Pacheco
Angie Arcaya Easton Hether Ashley Pan
Jim Balsham Jerry Hicks Matthew Pontious
Roy Berg Tim Hooke Brandon Ralph
Alysa Bura Roen Hooke Tim Ramos
Rick Callaway Stephanie Hooke Juliette Rezai
Sue Carnahan Jimmy Hsien Jerry Rivera
Doc Carnahan Ning Jiang Dan Ryken
Jerome Deguzman Corey Kapfstein Hailey Salomone
Donovan Deguzman Dana Kettunen Henry Sanchez
Lance Distefano Dylan Kurio Samuel Scheidel
Luke Duncan Tanner Lamenti-Pywell John Scott Senz
Ben Duncan Matthew Leavy Doug Senz
Byron Eggers Hannah Lee Bruce Silberman
Pamela Elkins Sophia Lee Nancy Silberman
Saundra Fairall Rob Lee Conner Stewart
Kelly Farrell Margaret Magstadt Matthew Tan
Jenna Fassio Pam McCoy Josh Thompson
Joe Fernandez Trent McCoy Caitlin Todd
Terry Flickinger Matthew McLevich Michael Todd
Debby Flickinger Matthew Millham AJ Tomasini
Kiana Fong Bennett Millham Phil Van Tassell
Chestina Garrett Skye Mingming Mani Veluthakkal
Andrew Gospodarek Ellexis Mingming Krish Veluthakkal
Bill Gough Esperanza Mingming John Venturino
Frank “Cheech” Gouveia Shahyad Missaghi Olivia Wang
Ed Guy Stacey Moro Brian Whitney
Scott Hanson Tom Worthy