Why the switch to a new registration website?

In an effort to have registration information more readily available, The First Tee decided to transition from our current registration system (called REGGIE) to a new platform powered by Salesforce. This transition will allow for a more user-friendly registration experience for families, while also providing chapters with a more streamlined interface to handle registrations.

How will I register for classes on this new website?

Great question! In order to register, you will first need to regain access to your account. As part of the transition process, most of the accounts under the REGGIE website were transitioned to Salesforce. In order to sign up for future sessions, you will need to use the same email address you have been currently using for registrations with The First Tee. However, you will be asked to reset your password first.

PLEASE NOTE: If your account was created in 2017, you will need to recreate your account under the new website. We apologize for this inconvenience, and will work with you to get your registrations up to date.

Instructions on how to regain access to your account can be found here

Ok, I regained access to my account, now what?

Once you are able to log in to the new registration website, feel free to look around and explore the new interface. We strongly encourage you to take a look around and familiarize yourself with the new website so that it will be easier to register for classes and know where everything is located.

Some of my information is missing! What do I do?

Please note that Winter, Spring, and Summer registrations for the 2017 year will not immediately show up on the new registration website, this is expected as there are a number of records and registrations that we will need to enter manually.

It is also possible that participant certification progress might not show up; if your junior has certified for the next level in The First Tee, but it does not show on the website please let us know by sending an email to firstteecontracosta@gmail.com. Please make sure to include your name, your junior’s name, and the level they are currently listed as so that we may update their profile.


always remember to register with plenty of time! We will try to work with you through this process, but cannot guarantee a slot in a class for last-minute registrations.