Meet The First Tee of Contra Costa Junior Council!

The Junior Council is made up by junior participants from our different golf course locations. The First Tee of Contra Costa’s Junior Council is a service group with the intent to promote, grow and enhance the chapter. Some duties of The Leadership Council include:

  • Promote opportunities available through the chapter and home office to other juniors within and outside of The First Tee.
  • Provide input on existing events and how to improve or enhance the chapter
  • Host two events per year with the help of the Program Director and chapter staff. Examples: First Tee Talent Show; Coach Appreciation Day; Special Teen Coached Workshops; Kids vs. Coach Challenge.

Who are the members of The Junior Council?

Niquole Marquez

My name is Niquole Marquez, and I am the President of The First Tee of Contra Costa Junior Council. I have been a part of The First Tee for about three years at Diablo Creek Golf Course. The First Tee has made an impact on my life in more than one way. The First Tee has taught me a lot about my golf game, but also about life skills. Through the coaches and main message of The First Tee I have gathered life advice in many ways. I enjoy helping out at tournaments, classes, and other events by The First Tee. Golf holds a lot of meaning to me, and I love the sport because of the opportunities it has given me, and the relationships I’ve built through it.

Julia Lloren

My name is Julia Lloren, and I am a The First Tee of Contra Costa participant at Diablo Creek Golf Course. I am a member of NCGA, Youth on Course, Alhambra Girls Golf Team, and Vice President of The First Tee of Contra Costa Junior Council. I have been around golf courses my entire life thanks to my brother, but had not been fully engaged in it until about a year and a half ago. After being fully engaged in the game of golf, I wanted to participate in more activities throughout my chapter. The game of golf has provided me with opportunities in my everyday life, and has taught me how to combine Core Values inside and outside of school. The First Tee has also given me opportunities to go to golf academies, meet people from different chapters, and has given me golf skills that have improved my game tremendously. The First Tee of Contra Costa Junior Council is filled with fun, hardworking, creative members, and I am glad to be a part of this wonderful organization and group of people.

Skye Mingming

My name is Skye Mingming.  I participate in The First Tee at Boundary Oak & Diablo Creek Golf Courses.  I have been a part of The First Tee for 9 years.  Currently, I serve as the Secretary & Treasurer in The First Tee Junior Council.  The First Tee has impacted my life a lot.  Thanks to The First Tee, I have been able to travel to South Carolina, Minnesota, and Monterey for different golf academies.  I have met a lot of different people from other chapters across the country.  I have won the confidence award & the leadership award for different The First Tee events. Additionally, I assist with classes, tournaments, & ceremonies.  My favorite thing about golf is that it is a game you can play for life.

Misa Church
My name is Misa Church and I have been a part of The First of Contra Costa for about seven years; however, I have been playing golf for about eleven years. Lone Tree Golf Course is my home course so if you ever want to find me, I’ll probably be there practicing. Something that I love about golf is that you don’t play in some sort of box or court like most sports. Because of The First Tee I have been taught great life skills at a young age, imprinting my mind with the good and not the bad. I have learned not to be afraid to ask for help from other players or coaches. With The First Tee I have been given many opportunities in bettering my game.
Jackielou Caniete

Hi, my name is Jackielou Caniete and I am part of The First Tee Program at Lone Tree Golf Course.  I have been with The First Tee for 9 years; currently, I serve on the Junior Council as the community chair for Lone Tree Golf Course.  During these past 9 years, The First Tee has made a huge impact on myself and my golf game.  The First Tee has given me many different opportunities, like attending golf Academies in Monterey, Ca, watch the pro-am, and meeting other people from different First Tee chapters.  Not only has The First Tee given me opportunities, it has also helped me become more outgoing by assisting in tournaments, and First Tee classes.  My favorite thing about golf are the different challenges that you face when playing this game.  To me, golf is a learning sport, it tests your patience and your mind, and it is why I enjoy this great game.

 Brian Whitney  My name is Brian Whitney, and I have been in the First Tee of Contra Costa for about six years. My home course is Boundary Oak because I took lessons there for 5 years and often go there to practice. However, I currently take lessons at Diablo Creek, so I am familiar with both courses. The First Tee has helped me in many different ways. It introduced me into the game of golf,  taught me more in-depth about the 9 Core Values, taught me about goal setting, and making good decisions in the game of golf. The First Tee is a very good program, and it matches my personality very well. I am very grateful to get to be a part of the First Tee of Contra Costa’s Junior Council.
Tanner Lamenti-Pywell I am Tanner Lamenti-Pywell, I am part of the Junior Leadership Council, I am a video gamer, as well as a computer builder, digital artist, and of course, golfer. I have been in the First Tee program since I was 5 and I have stayed in there ever since. I enjoy golf as I enjoy having new experiences, and I also love the laid back nature of the game, as I prefer a more toned down experience. Golf has never been inconvenient, as there is always a place to play or putt a couple balls around here. I have to say, I never thought I would appreciate a sport as much as I do golf; I’m always ready to grab my golf bag and head out, rain or shine, cold or hot. If I’m scheduled to be somewhere golf-related, I’ll be there. As I will be there for anybody in need of assistance.