What is S.T.E.M.? What is S.T.E.M. to The First Tee?

S.T.E.M. is an acronym for Science, Technology Engineering and Math. S.T.E.M. Winter is a new and exciting opportunity for students to apply what they are learning in school to the game of golf. Participants will not only be able to say they are golfers but also scientist, engineers, and mathematicians. We will explore how S.T.E.M. principles influence the game we play and how we can use S.T.E.M. concepts to improve our game and our understanding of the sport.

Who will be delivering the classes?

The coaches of The First Tee of Contra Costa have partnered with community resources, teachers, and home office to offer a really exciting program. Lesson plans are created and distributed to coaches for delivery. We have been working through the seasons to train our scientist golf coaches to ensure an interactive and fun program.

Who can join?

We are offering special classes for participants that are in Kindergarten to twelfth grade. The curriculum is written with review of California State Standards for students and should reflect new and previously learned concepts. We are reinforcing what our classrooms are doing every day!  If your student is interested in the Science of Golf or you want to have your student encouraged to think critically and creatively about S.T.E.M. and their future, this program is for you!

When will The First Tee of Contra Costa be hosting S.T.E.M. Events?

The First Tee of Contra Costa will be hosting its 2nd Winter program in January.  We are not put off by cold weather; actually weather is a great topic to discuss for science of golf! This program will be six weeks long and introduce participants to how S.T.E.M. influences the game of golf.

We plan to host events throughout the year that will reengage our young scientists. We are looking at career exploration programs for students to take a hands-on approach at what professionals do, have representatives from different companies discuss the amounts of education, experience and personalities that make up their respective company.  We hope our healthy habits (Mind, Energy, Play, School, Vision…) will continue to lend itself to body sciences and how food choices, injury prevention and our minds are all types of sciences that we need to understand.

Do you want a special S.T.E.M. event in your classroom?  Contact us and we would be happy to partner with schools to offer one-day field trips, in-classroom demonstrations and more!

Where are S.T.E.M. golf classes being held?

The First Tee of Contra Costa will be using three of our facilities to host S.T.E.M. classes. We will have programs at Boundary Oak Golf Course in Walnut Creek, CA; Diablo Creek in Concord, CA; and Lone Tree Golf Course in Antioch, CA.  These courses all have indoor and outdoor access for our participants to complete labs, work on workbooks, play on putting greens, use driving range, use sky caddies, get water samples and build their own experiments

Why are we offering S.T.E.M.?

Our certifying life skill programs throughout the last ten years have been overwhelmingly successful when we reflect on prioritizing education. Participants who have been part of our program for over four levels have a 98% graduation rate from high school. 80% of those participants continue on to higher education in various degrees. We applaud these participants and appreciate those that believe golf is more than a game.

The First Tee of Contra Costa is striving to offer more for our community and more evidence that golf is much more than a game. Golf is a door opening sport for women and men in college, business men and women; creates friendships, challenges your mind, and tests your character.

Why S.T.E.M.?

We chose to introduce S.T.E.M. to our program because S.T.E.M. is more than a classroom discussion. S.T.E.M. principles change lives, influence how we interact, and are major factors in our everyday life. We are an educational program for youth that empowers our students to challenge the way we act and the way we live. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are empowering students to excel, dream, challenge and grow in understanding their world, their sport and the future.

How can my junior sign up?

Registration for the S.T.E.M. Session will open on December 1st. To register, please visit our Registration page by clicking the “Register” button at the top of this page, or clicking below: