The First Tee of Contra Costa has grown a lot in the 12 years we began operating and we continue to grow and improve. With that growth, comes change. Below is an outline of the changes to our assessment process:



Certification and Assessment Process


The Spring, Summer and Fall sessions will consist of 8 weeks of classes. The 9th week (and optional 10th week if reassessment is desired) will be an assessment week for all participants in levels PLAYer 2 and above. This final week of class, participants from all sites will attend Diablo Creek Golf Course.

As TARGET and PLAYer 1 do not attend the assessment days, sessions will consist of the 8 weeks of classes.

This assessment period will help parents and participants set goals for their golf game and determine if they are ready to move to the next level of The First Tee. If players assess at a certain level for their golf skills and meet all other criteria, they will be considered “certified” for their level and eligible to move to the next. For a full list of certification requirements, please review the following flowchart (Adobe Reader Required):

The assessment day will take place the same day as your regularly scheduled class, but all sites will report to Diablo Creek for the last date.

Registration Days will become available on our new registration website on July 10th


If you are unable to make that day you may reschedule with the chapter office for another day and time or the following week.

For more details see our list of frequently asked questions or contact Program Director Monica Sanders at 925-446-6701 or